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About Me

Hello! My name is Allison D'Eramo. I am a wife and mom of three tiny humans. I graduated from The Florida State University with my Bachelors degree in Family and Child Sciences with a minor in Psychology. Shortly after I got married and we had our first child, a beautiful baby girl. I continued to work as an Early Intervention Therapist. ​As I watched my child develop alongside my clients, my interest in the Autism Spectrum grew. My daughter and I spent our first years together in graduate school, pumping and studying (HA!). I graduated with my Master of Art's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an Emphasis in Autism from Ball State University. During this time I began to work as a behavior therapist (now known as an RBT), completing over 1,500+ hours under direct supervision of a BCBA. I gained therapy experience in the natural environment and clinical setting. Then my husband and I welcomed our second born, an energetic son that would change our world. Around three months old during a routine well-visit is when our lives were changed. This changed the course of my families health practices and my therapy practices. This sent us on a health journey that I do not want others to walk alone. I am inspired to share our journey and provide the support to families that I wish I had.

I desire to educate and equip parents to navigate their child's development, from preconception to early life. Starting at the ROOTS, A integrative approach to Early Intervention. 🌱 Our mission is to equip parents to grow their children to reach their full potential. To create a like minded community of support as you navigate neurodiversity and other developmental goals.



Early Intervention 

Providing one on one child development assessments and other developmental screenings. 


Providing concierge care to develop a treatment plan and case management. Collaborating with likeminded providers. 


Providing small group learning, brief intensive educational opportunities.



"Finally a provider focused on listening and asking true root cause questions to dig into the issues versus glaze over symptoms! Alley's compassionate nature, paired with being a mother herself enabled her to extend her empathetic care and concern not only to my nervous daughter but to me as a worried parent.Thanks to her focus on education, I now feel more confident addressing the specific are my family needs. With a wealth of connections to like minded practitioners, Alley is a true gem to the holistic community."

Jennifer Gaarlandt
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