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We believe a healthy family is the ROOT of a successful family. We provide educational classes, workshops and support groups for like minded families. 

Therapy Consultations

We will create a care plan for your family. Collaborating with like minded providers to best meet the needs of your family.

Alternative Advice

Often, parents are given the option of occupational or speech therapy, but never told that there may be other underlying correctable factors contributing to their child’s delay.

Our goal is to optimize neurodevelopment from pregnancy, forward. This means that we search for factors that may be compromising the child’s development, including prenatal factors, diet, lifestyle, environmental exposures and more! 

Child Development

Whether there is a speech delay, delay in fine or gross motor skills, learning disorder, or simply not meeting certain skill milestones, we are here to help!

Pre-natal Development

The prenatal stages of life could represent a unique opportunity for the primary prevention of psychological, emotional and physical disorders in later life and better recognition of the pathophysiology of many serious neuropsychiatric and other disorders or potentially harmful conditions (Fedor-Freybergh 1993; Fedor-Freybergh & Maas 2011) 

Home Visits

We offer in-home visits and assessments. It is often suggested to observe children in their natural environments. 

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